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Web design inspiration is always helpful, because looking at the creative works of others you can find your own creativity. There are obviously different approaches that you can use, it depends usually on the content and the concept, business or organization that the web site represents. One of such design approaches can be using a photo as a key element.

Large photos are becoming increasingly popular in web design, particularly acting as a background of a website. They can help quickly establish mood, color palette, and easily reflect the meaning and the purpose of a website. However, such photos tend to attract attention and it's important to have a really great photo in order to use it as a background, but you should remember that very often photos require some tricky photomanipulations. Besides, it's relatively harder to resize photos based on a user's browser size, some advanced CSS or, in some cases, Flash, is required to make everything look good.

As cool as the site is, this background is pretty catchy and innovative.