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The art form known as digital painting recently emerged. Countless people have been trying to figure out what digital painting actually is. Much like any other art form, digital painting on the surface aims towards capturing the creative human expression. The computer, tablet and stylus are the typical medium to a digital artist just like a canvas, paint and brushes are to a traditional artist.

The traditional techniques used by impasto artisans, oil, pastel, watercolor and many more are mimicked by digital painting even though it a totally different medium. Unlike traditional artists, there is an unlimited amount of brushes available to digital painters to choose from. For achieving their goals, new styles and versions of the already available brushes can also be created by digital painters, allowing them to add to their arsenal of tools.

When considering the creation of art, digital painting is not a push button solution. Digital painting is more of a latest art form that originates from some of the most conventional methods of painting and requires as much skill and effort as them. Digital painters are able to challenge themselves and allowing their skill set to be broadened by following this latest wave of art.