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Style Web 2.0 is very popular nowadays, but it is a difficult task to find a clear definition of this concept . There is a certain list of "Whys?". Firstly, Web 2.0 is a very complex subject. Secondly, Web 2.0 includes many notions, conceptions and ideas...and to describe all them in one sentence is just impossible. So, let's start and try to find general characteristics and features of WEB 2.0 The term Web 2.0 firstly appeared in Tim O'Reilly's article"What is Web 2.0" September 30, 2005. Why did this style appeared? The first reason is technology development.
Web 2.0 was conceived as a new vision of service to ordinary users. It had a user-friendly interface, a simple and stylish design and a successful presentation of information. One more interesting detail - visitors could make the content for the Web 2.0 site themselves. People liked the feeling of being involved in something big and interesting!
A typical Web 2.0 site tends to (surprise!) minimalism in design. However, it doesnt mean that in Web 2.0 everything will be simple and clean. It is a cool design magik to create a graphically rich website, but, in the same time, to make it great looking, non bulky and nice optimized.
Web 2.0 style is multi-faceted and diverse one. If you want to create a Website in this style, you must use only the items you need and nothing more in order to reach your goal. The main principle - if the problem has two solutions, then a simpler solution is a better choise. As a result, the user sees the content of the site and he begins to interact with a website in the right way. Design made in a Web 2.0, has the following elements:

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