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Speeding up your work-flow is important for any Photoshop user because you will save a lot of time and because you will be able to focus on what you like best, designing. In this tutorial I will show you some shortcuts and tips that I use everyday when I’m in Photoshop and I promise there are at least a few ones you didn’t know about.
Working fast in Photoshop and using all kinds of keyboard shortcuts and mouse combinations is really important for me especially since I started to write tutorials. I have to optimize my time, spend more time in the design rather than navigating through the menus. I discovered some shortcuts by myself by accident and I have to admit that they really made things easier for me. It’s not something that I learned because I was bored, they were a necessity for me.
You will have to practice all these shortcuts for yourself if you want to learn them, there is no other way. Some of them might not be that easy to understand so I STRONGLY recommend you to open Photoshop and practice as you read. So let’s start. I used the names of Windows and Mac keys cause I know many of you wok in MAC. This is the format used when referring to keys: WINDOWS/MAC

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