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Very true! That highly depends on the task though. You usually work in a team and an effect goes through many hands. I can get, at times, a mind-numbing “haha”. That's why I personally like a good mix of film and commercial work. Sure it's great to JUST work on blockbusters, but commercial work is very refreshing at times! Tasks are shorter, deadlines quicker, less iterations until a director is pleased. The same goes for music videos and game cinematics. Faster pace, quicker turn over. In commercials it doesn't have to look 101% can get away with a lot more due to the shorter deadlines and tighter budget as well. It is the last 10% of realism that takes 40% of the time! Tweaking it, noodling settings. People always want fast, cheap, cutting edge. That is a quality triangle. You can give comment, Reviews or mail me at Here you can also mail your work for add you work on this blog and our WebSite