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This website for grown-up movie lovers. Rather  than devote our resources to the usual film marketing sites for our  movies (though you'll get lots of great Focus film-specific content  here, don't worry!), we decided to create a place that expresses our joy  in movies, our admiration for great filmmaking, and our insatiable  curiosity about film and the discussions that truly challenging films  engender, wherever they may come from. Please feel free to join the  discussion whenever and however you wish; as you can see from the  enormous wealth of content and resources we've created and brought  together here, we're excited by the diversity of opinions and interests  that makes movie culture so vibrant. And please be assured that if you  do join us, your thoughts (yes, even critical ones) will be respected:  civility, and genuine dialogue, will have pride of place, so please feel  confident that if you want to participate in real, grown-up discussion  about anything film-related here, you'll be more than welcome. In the  meantime, it's a pleasure to introduce the people and ideas of  FilmInFocus to you. Enjoy!